BASIC This is only for expert model makers who are familiar with 3D printed items and it requires clean up. As these filament plastic printers leave fine lines layers on everything you have to sand all the layers smooth with different grades of wet’n day paper very similar to car body work . The model you see in the photos are after hours of sanding to make it completely smooth ' if you choose this category You will receive this model with all the flash or plastic support still attached! and you will have to assemble all the parts with superglue and baking power No decals or stands are included in this package ONLY BASIC RAW KIT Please not that this is a static display model of the dropship not a functioning movie prop the wings have a potion off displayed open or closed . BUT are not “playable “ you will have to chose to fix the wings in which position you want and glue them for safety SHIPPING cost is not included is done by getting a basic quote from the shipping company once the model is compete and packaged to get a total shipping price at which time payment would be made for shipping we are unable to give estimates of shipping to your destination as the currently world shipping situation is in constant change . Payment Payment process payment can be made with western union PayPal or bank transfer. These are made to order models so payment must be made before any work is started.