This is a made to order online only web site. am a sculptor model maker of over 30 years’ experience in making models and statures I general am interested in movie & TV related subjects from the sci-fi action and fantasy. From small model kits to full size figures. I also take on commission work if required ,please note: we don't make small scale models .
All models are mixed medium   of  3d resin plastic  and  Plastic  like ABS  .As we increase the size of the these models we also increase the mass Some of the models are very heavy   over 5kg or more . and as we state in the shipping section will require wood crates to ship safely  this must to taken into account as the shipping cost will be added once the models are complete.

Please note: we are a 'made to order service only" so unless we have had an order for the model you are interested in? with my wife showing the subject ,we will not have a actual photo of the model; In which case ! its a stock photo .Or photo of 3D actual  files of the models .

 You can always  view other models that have been ordered and or completed to get a sense of the product quality .
also once we start a model we can not give a refund We hope this helps answer some of the questions. if you have any other question please contact us .
Thank you 
note: we currently do not provide free shipping
All prices USA currency & once we have started your order we can not give refunds Thank you

Additional :  we make  studio scale props replicas , studio scale usually are large scale models film miniature's We can 'scale down' some models  by request of the client however please note; that the price would be the same regardless of the reduction in size . they would also be a limit to how small we would be willing to make the models  .

Paul Craggs

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