This is a made to order online only web site. am a sculptor model maker of over 30 years’ experience in making models and statures I general am interested in movie & TV related subjects from the sci-fi action and fantasy. From small model kits to full size figures. I also take on commission work if required ,please note: we don't make small scale models .

Please note: we are a 'made to order service only" so unless we have had an order for the model you are interested in? with my wife showing the subject ,we will not have a actual photo of the model; In which case ! its a stock photo .Or photo of 3D files of the models . You can view other models that have been ordered and or completed to get a sense of the product quality .also once we start a model we cant give a refund We hope this helps answer some of the questions we are asked if you have any other question please contact us .
thanks you
note: we currently do not provide free shipping
All prices us currency & once we have started your order we can not give refunds thank you

Paul Craggs