3d prop replicas from various movies and TV shows reproduced in high details for beautiful displays These are not resin moulds or cast plastic there are 1st generation prototyping models taken from a 3d file and printed out :every single model I make is an acutely printed out on cr-10 printers on a primary layers height of 0.1000 mm that’s about as fine as you can print with in practical time frame (parts can take weeks to print out ) with 3d printing they no resin parts / no copy of a copy / no warping or sink hole issues however Even at this quality you still have visible lines with this PLA plastic , ABS is much finer but not stable and prone to warp and cracking during the process and not good for production of large models like these. This is basically a plastic model with a honey comb structure between the layers as its builds up ; it can tolerate temp; to 150 degrees before any warping might occur It takes roughly 2 months to complete one model this includes the fine sanding and painting time; (this time frame is is based on availability of the printers at the time of making your ordering it is first come bases ) I have currently 6 printers printing models 24 /7 and I am adding more printers all the time, Complete models This is a complete model finished and painted with lighting (if lighting was shown ) with decals and stand as seen in the photos Depending on the size of the model (some these modes will be over 4 feet long) some sub-assembly and slight touch up of paint at the joint areas maybe required these are unique studio size models and so the large models will be shipping in wooden grates for total protection which will be included in the shipping costs SHIPPING is done by getting a basic quote from the shipping company Payment process payment in western union only if you never used WU its easy just go to any supporting WU office give the name and contact no; of the person and you will get a control no; that you would send to the person These are made to order models so payment must be made before any work is started These are made to order models so payment must be made before any work is started Payment with PAYPAL PayPal is not currently set up but will be available in the near future

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